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01Leadership Development

Integrated Leadership Development

Human Edge is bringing personalized integrated leadership development to your fingertips with the release of its new cloud-based digital leadership acceleration platform. The platform revolutionizes the way companies develop “ready-now leaders”.

Most organizations build separate leadership programs, which are fragmented. This solution integrates the entire leadership pipeline from individual contributor to enterprise leader through architecting the capabilities needed at each level. There is an emphasis on the critical leadership turn gates which make leaders successful at the next level.

This platform rapidly develops all leaders by focusing on both personalized and corporate leadership development pathways, which is accessible 24/7 on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The personalized pathway is based on a leadership assessment along with learning styles inventory to ensure the leader receives the maximized benefit from the platform. The leader receives a short and long-term view of their current strengths, which enables them to prioritize the areas they want to expand their capabilities.

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Development portal features

What the portal does

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The selection and prioritization of content relevant to business strategy



Fully personalized learning with continual recommendations based on progress

Support Coaches

Support Coaches

Provides online support through collaboration and “ask a coach”



Provides state-of-the-art leadership development content – including simulations, reading, videos, and experiences

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Provides advanced analytics to organizations to have a clear understanding of leadership bench strength and identify who to fast track



Integrated with talent management for more accurate succession planning, funnels internal candidates to open positions, and better links pay-for-performance

03leadership development

Human Edge CORE™ Leadership Assessment

Unlock your leaders potential

This breakthrough tool captures, synthesizes, and visualizes unparalleled leadership insight and delivers it to you in real-time on any computer or tablet. Whereas most assessments only provide a partial view of a person, the Integrated Leadership Assessment provides the most holistic perspective on the market today covering the individual’s competencies, their personality traits, what drives them, how well they are managing themselves – human performance, and potential derailers that might get in a leader’s way.

With aggregate data, organizations are able to make more informed and better talent decisions. This data will give insight into bench strength at each leadership level. Over time, organizations will be able to better identify their high potentials and make smarter development investments. Team selection can also be enhanced by determining who will balance and/or add needed skills to a team for higher levels of performance.

Through effectively mining, the leaders and Human Resources will have more insight into the underlining cultural drivers that exist within a team, division, function, or as a whole organization — making cultural transformation initiatives more viable with the ability to pinpoint the mindset and behaviors needed to realize the ideal culture.

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04Leadership Development

Transition Coaching for Succesful Integration

Every time leaders change roles, there is a period of vulnerability.

For senior leaders & critical roles, the risk of failure during a transition is higher for companies. Working with a dedicated coach can provide leaders the individualized support they need to be successful. How? Via a focused coaching relationship spanning 4 – 6 months, the new leader and coach work together to develop a transition plan & roadmap. They define critical actions for the first 100 days to establish credibility, secure quick wins and position the leader and their team for sustained success. This is a step change approach from traditional one-off onboarding; it is an ongoing process including regular meetings, “pulse checks” and current 360 feedback.

Executive and Critical Role Transition Coaching

An individualized approach to transition coaching meets the specific needs of the leader and the business by:
• Supporting the leader through the critical phase of integration
• Identifying knowledge gaps & required learning to accelerate the leader’s transition
• Assessing leader’s vulnerabilities, building on their strengths, & enabling right mindset to acquire, commit to and practice new skills & behaviors
• Building key relationships per stakeholders & network maps

General Transition Coaching

General Transition Coaching delivers a combination of group coaching, webinars & self-directed learning that can prove to be very impactful for broader employee groups while being scalable & cost effective.

Outcomes for Transition Coaching for Succesful Integration

• Clear alignment with senior leaders on business priorities, metrics, and timelines
• Assess leader’s vulnerabilities, build on their strengths and enable them to acquire new skills and the appropriate mindset
• Identify knowledge gaps and learning required to accelerate leader’s transition
• Assess, build, and develop the leader’s team
• Analyze the business context stakeholders through network mapping and focus on building necessary relationships

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