Medical Diagnostics

Assess Leaders In Succession for Critical Roles


Our client is a leading global provider of medical devices and is an innovator in their field. They have an established track record for providing high-quality products and services to the global clinical laboratory and immunohematology communities. They have annual revenues of 1.9 billion, operate in 130 countries with 40 distribution centers and have approximately 4’500 employees worldwide.

The Challenge

Our client just recently became a public company and want to ensure they have a strong bench of leaders to lead for today and in the future. As a first step, they identified their critical roles worldwide and, as a second step, they wanted to assess their 75 talents against their leadership framework.


The CORE™ Leadership Assessment tool was leveraged to give a holistic view of each leader (5 in 1 assessment tool that measures traits, drivers, human performance, competencies and derailers). Each leader was given a personalized feedback session with a certified coach along with clear development tips to help them prioritize and personalize their development. The focus was to ensure that every leader understood themselves at a deeper level and could further leverage their strengths.

The scales of CORE™ Leadership were then mapped to their leadership framework to give the organization a view of their overall strengths and areas of development. For each leader we used our proprietary algorithms (based on the latest research) to determine their level of potential for a senior leader role, their level of versatility (ability to move functions successfully), most effective development path, and their current level of effectiveness at their current level.

Business Impact

  • Confirmed 45% of leaders who were high or very high potential
  • Confirmed 9% of the leaders have high to very high ability to move functions. Most leaders are deep functional experts
  • Identified 7% of leaders who were at risk of burnout using the Human Performance scale in the assessment
  • Cut the data by function and were able to determine which functions were strong and which required more focus and attention
  • Mapped the data to the business strategy to show the enablers and distractors for achieving the strategy. Areas that were low for most leaders included growth mindset and taking risks
  • Pinpointed development areas and mapped content to these areas
  • Identified which leaders could be accelerated with executive coaching



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