Assessing Growth Mindset for Transformation

Company Background:

Our client is a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics focused on advancing science to improve people’s lives and is the world’s largest biotech company. They have 98,000 employees worldwide and operate in over 100 countries. Our client has been on a journey for the past two years to become more agile and change the way they operate. As part of this transformation, it requires employees to learn faster and be more agile.


In order to be more agile, the concepts of Growth Mindset were introduced as part of the transformation. The Slovakian country organization rolled out a Growth Mindset awareness session. After they rolled out the program, they wanted a baseline measure of Growth Mindset capabilities. They came to us at Human Edge because we have a validated Assessment tool, CORE™ Growth, which measures along eight dimensions of Growth Mindset researched by Carol Dweck from Stanford University. Not only was it important for our client to give employees insight on where they were along the continuum, but they were also given practical tools and tips to further cultivate a Growth Mindset.

What is COREGrowth?

Growth mindset is our service we provide to get an insight into the mind of individuals in their workplace. Through our assessment we are able to see the following the following dimensions:

  How I think​ – Approach to learning and the ability to grow and learn from mistakes.​

What I do​ – Ability to take on new challenges, face obstacles, and embrace continual growth and development in order to build new capabilities.​

Who I engage​ – A willingness to engage others in the learning process, ask for feedback to grow, accept support and learn from the success of others.


Our initial process was to reach out to the participating employees with our CORE™ Growth assessment tool which on average takes between 10 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is a self-report measure, the results reflect the individual’s self-perception. Extensive research has shown this to be a good indicator of how people are likely to operate in the workplace.


When all participants completed the assessment, aggregate reports were generated so they could understand the strengths and pinpoint the right initiatives to close any gaps. In addition, multiple data cuts were done for all nine departments along with recommendations to accelerate progress.


  • 68% of employees felt either they could not learn new skills or can only learn in a limited area. This is the foundation for Growth Mindset and the most important area for employees to learn and change their view.
  • 50% were not seeking challenges or going outside their comfort zone.
  • 100 employees completed the CORE™ Growth Mindset Assessment and nine aggregate data reports were generated to help the leaders pinpoint where they needed to focus and encourage employees to further grow and develop.


Our findings resulted in the following recommendations:

  • Provide in-depth Growth Mindset training to gain a better build skill in Growth Mindset and provide practical tools for employees
  • Provide a training for leaders on how to coach around Growth Mindset
  • Define what mistakes have consequences and which ones should be celebrated and learned
  • Build in after-action reviews so people can learn faster and grow and celebrate their successes and learning
  • Build challenges into the goal setting process by ensuring employees have a stretch goal that takes them outside their comfort zone


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