Executive Coaching

Acceleration Coaching

Close critical gaps more quickly, build confidence and accelerate leadership development with a customized Acceleration Coaching Program for high potentials and leaders with growth potential, and upward mobility.


Executive coaching brings a new level of awareness to leaders and opens opportunity for redefining themselves. Acceleration Coaching significantly impacts individual growth and organizational success. ROI metrics include authentic engagement, increased productivity, higher profitability, and reduction in costs. This program also builds a leader’s emotional intelligence, a key driver of performance, and strengthens alignment with the organization’s mission and values. Duration is typically: 6 – 9 months.

Transform strategy into reality with inspiring leaders

Our certified international coaches leverage an array of diagnostic tools, including the CORE™ Leadership Assessments, interviews, and observations, to map a journey to transformation. Their goal is to create a safe space for leaders to integrate their head and heart, facilitating the journey to defining a new self-concept. As transformation is underway, the coaches hold space for a leader to emerge. The proven benefits of executive coaching include:


When leaders journey through self-development and awareness, their confidence grows along with their self-mastery and understanding of how they lead, their own impact on others and how they can make authentic connections.

Leadership Style

Leaders understand the impact of their leadership behaviors and style, and are provided with the opportunity to cultivate strategies to use the right leadership qualities at the right time to become exceptional leaders.

How it works

By understanding a leader’s needs, and how these relate to their current role and organizational context, the coaching process is customized to each leader. A manager works with a dedicated Human Edge coach to develop a plan for leaders being coached, setting objectives and milestones, and establishing progress check-ins.

Define expectations with clear objectives.
Complete CORE™ Leadership Assessment; leader gains insights into strengths and weaknesses.
Craft highly personalized coaching plan.
Coach and leader meet regularly to fully execute plan and monitor results in real time.
Establish a system of progress checks with a manager with any additional adjustments made on the journey.


Leadership development

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